FloraMind is an education company with the vision of empowering one billion young people to flourish in the classroom and beyond.They teach youths skills to manage their mental health and ultimately flourish. They currently do it through in-person programs for youth and teachers.

  • Brand Strategy Session

What is life like right now?

"Life is great in the macro and stressful in the micro. Especially with trying to figure out business models to generate revenue."

What is stopping you from achieving your goals?

"Getting in front of the right customers to give us feedback & direction if we are building something for them. We think we need to do a better job with that in order to continue selling and to build scalable products."

What efforts did you try to make in order to achieve your goals?

"We’ve tried reaching out to schools through a sales strategy in January, and then this summer — overall we’ve gotten conversations, first customers, and traction with business models in terms of selling directly to one school and a corporate sponsor. Corporate sponsors are partners that fund our workshops / programs and in return receive brand awareness and connection to young people. They also directly align with our mission and vision to make a billion young people flourish!"


Floramind knew exactly what value they provided but didn't know how to communicate that value to their target audience and explain who they are and why they matter to their market. Our goal for this session was to define their brand, address their target audience needs and prioritize their goals.

Discovery Session Floramind
Floramind strategy session
Floramind strategy session

We loved the exercises that Josh presented to us. We also saw how we were aligned on some aspects of our business and not aligned on others. This session really helped us stayed focus on what we need to take care of in order to achieve our goals for Floramind.

Danny and Mahmoud @ Floramind

The Result

One week after our brand strategy session, Floramind took the language we learned from the session and did this! "We received a $10,000 investment from @bnymellon for the work we’ve been doing with Floramind to empower 1 billion young people to manage their mental health and flourish by 2030. It has been a journey filled with challenges, long nights, blood, sweat and tears. It’s not easy. Especially after going fulltime this summer after graduation. But with grace, hard work, and perseverance—anything is possible. Thank you to God, to my family, to my amazing team @danny.ts0 @kingsleyoseiabrah Laura, Jeremy, to our supportive network of mentors and advisors, and to the @zahncenternyc for the opportunity. FloraMind is only getting started. It’s always day one."

results for Floramind after Brand strategy session

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