The Process

01. Brand Attributes

We believe that in the 21st Century bridging the gap between Business Needs & User Needs requires a whole new way to plan.

We first try to understand your why of your business. Your why is what drives you and motivates you everyday in order to scale and grow your business and have your users interacting with your services or product.

02. User Profiles

You need to understand your users to fully understand your brand. The reason you want to know this is because your brand is predicated on the gut feeling they have on your business. We go through a user profile exercise during this part of our strategy session.

03. Goals

Having clear, concise, quantifiable, measurable goals, that are time bound, are critical to achieving your goals.

SMART is an effective tool that provides the clarity, focus and motivation you need to achieve your goals. It can also improve your ability to reach them by encouraging you to define your objectives and set a completion date. SMART goals are also easy to use by anyone, anywhere, without the need for specialist tools or training.

We go through a goal exercise in order to help clarify what you want to achieve in revenue, how a user should feel when they interact with your brand and much more.

04. Design, Development & Marketing

When we obtain alignment from our Strategy session with you, we then translate that language and turn it into design, development and marketing