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Every day millions of people go online and search for the services you are providing but they can’t find you? Are you taking the right steps to ensure that your website is found among the top ranks? Google is the go-to place for everything. Whatever we need, whenever we need, we Google it. So, ranking high in the Google search results is extremely important for the success of a business.

If you want to be the first name to be seen by your target audience whenever they search for the product or service you provide, you have to do everything you can to make the top of the list.

What to do and how to do it? How to get first-page Google ranking from having no online presence? Here is a short guide for you to grasp the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so your website is found on Google:


The first thing you need to understand is how search engines work. Take the internet as a humongous library. There are billions and billions of books of all genres. The same goes for websites. Among these billions of websites, your website represents a single book in a huge library. With tons of information out there, if you do not take the right measures, your website will be lost in the sea of websites.

Let’s take a simple example for better understanding of how the process of search engines goes. If you need a certain book in a large library and no idea where to look for it on your own, where would you go? The librarian. Similarly, for the library of websites, Google acts as the librarian. Google points you towards the right direction so you get to the relevant resources. That is what search engines do. Google makes sure that you find the right content you are looking for.

In order to be the relevant content for your target audience, you have to do: On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO.


Google guides you to the relevant resources. But that is only possible if you do that after doing search engine optimization for your website content. Search Engine Optimization is the art of getting yourself placed amongst the higher rankings. Every business employs SEO to make sure that their content ranks highest in the Google search results.

In the late 90s and 2000s, some people found ways to trick the system that assisted Google in displaying the sites in the top of their list. This act of using sneaky tactics to rank your webpage on the top is called Black Hat SEO. What they did was that they stuffed their content with keywords and Meta tags so they could rank higher. This resulted in credibility loss of Google and other search engines. Because of Black Hat SEO, websites with low-quality and poor content were getting the higher rankings.

Later on, in the spring of 2012, Google went through a makeover and revamped its algorithm called the Panda Update. This update was brought to penalize those sites which had opted for Black Hat SEO and were poor-ranking sites and, reward the sites with quality content.



Still using the example of books and the library, let’s talk about on-page SEO. A book has various parts and so does a website. Let’s see what does on-page SEO entails.

The book cover is the first thing that the reader sees. No matter how much we use the example of never to judge a book by its cover, things are bit different for websites. So, focus on the design of your website and the main thing is that not only is it attractive, but user-friendly. The design of your website is extremely important.

We read the back cover of the book to catch a quick summary of the story. The different sections or page titles of your website serve the same purpose. See that your site is friendly as well as easy to understand. The visitors should be able to understand whatever is on the website.

A book contains a short but valuable author’s biography as well. For effective on-page SEO, see that a credible and influential personality of the industry links themselves to you. This creates a good repute and builds trust among the people coming up on your website. Social proofs also serve the same purpose when any renowned person apart from your industry links themselves to you.

Next, we have the table of contents. This means that you should have an easy user interface so that the visitors can easily navigate through the site.

Last but not the least, content. We all are aware that the content is KING. It is one of the most important things for SEO. The content and the information you publish on your website should be original, unique and relevant. Your content should be of high-quality and relevant to the keywords that you are using.


Let’s discuss off-page SEO. When you design the site for the users that is one of the activities of on-page SEO. But what you do after that, you begin with off-page SEO and what does it mean? When you link your site with other sources. They can be your partners, people you previously worked with etc.


Submit your site to search engines: Search engines crawl the web to find the relevant pages for you. This is called indexing and you can increase the pace by submitting your site to search engines such as Google Plus, Bing, Yahoo etc. Also, you can re-submit your site whenever you make any change.

Add your sites to local directories: Do not forget to optimize your website for the local directories as studies reveal that 97% of consumers search for local business online and the online searches have grown by 58% in the last few years. The key, optimize your Google My Business Page and include all the relevant information.

Link to Social Profiles: Take advantage of all of your social media profiles. Add the link of your website to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + accounts, Twitter and other places. Create a solid online presence to strengthen your website link trail.

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